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Assad regime forces retake Daesh-held Palmyra

Sun 27, March 2016 Kategori Magazin-Media

Syrian regime forces with Russian air support have recaptured the city of Tadmur (ancient Palmyra) in Syria’s western Homs province from the Daesh terrorist group, local sources have said.

Regime forces and allied militias seized control of the city on Sunday following fierce clashes with Daesh militants, the sources told Anadolu Agency.

According to the same sources, Russian warplanes carried out more than 200 airstrikes against Daesh positions in the city, forcing the terrorist group to retreat further east.

Clashes have also been reported between regime forces and Daesh militants in the eastern part of the city, the sources said.

Hundreds of Shia militiamen, including members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, took part in the offensive to retake Tadmur.

Ancient Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage site, along with the modern city of Tadmur, was captured by Daesh in May of last year.

Son Guncelleme: Sun 27, March 2016
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